– Sarah Elles Boggs


It takes a good doctor to repair a hand, but it takes a great doctor to repair a hand and still calm a scared patient’s nerves.


I was introduced to the Miami Hand Center when Yamel showed up at my bedside in Mercy Hospital to look at my injury. I had slipped in my kitchen and fallen on a glass. I didn’t know it yet, but my injury was extremely severe. They call it spaghetti hand, where 4 tendons were severed along with the main nerve and artery. At the time, all I knew was that I had lost a lot of blood and was stuck in the hospital because of it.


With an acute fear of the sight of blood or injuries, I was immediately light-headed when Yamel came into my room. I was TERRIFIED. He was very kind and gentle and reassured me that everything would be ok. I had no idea how severe my injury really was because he kept calm and calmed me. I will always thank him for that.


When I was finally released from the hospital, I had to go to the Miami Hand Center in Coral Gables to see what can be done to repair my hand. It made me feel more calm because I saw Yamel was there again and it was nice to have a familiar face, but I was TERRIFIED again.


Dr. Khouri was able to diagnose my condition with just a glance at my hand. 4 severed tendons, the artery and nerve. Ack. Surgery was scheduled for the very next day. Dr. Khouri has a great bedside manner and sense of humor, so despite my fears, I handled it well.


Fast forward to post-surgery (the surgery went well) and I met Jorge in the physical therapy department. I credit Jorge and Dr. Khouri with basically everything I can do today including typing, opening doors with my injured hand, buttoning my pants, tying my shoes, changing my baby’s pamper. Everything. Even if I did call him every name in the book while he was trying to show me how to use my hand again, I thank him for it. Water under the bridge, I hope.


Most people don’t realize how your life changes if you have a non-functional hand. If you have hand problems, even if they aren’t as dramatic as mine, go to the Miami Hand Center. I’m fully functional again after one of the most severe hand injuries possible because of these people.


Yamel, Dr. Khouri & Jorge 💖 THANK YOU