microvascular hand diagram

Microvascular Surgery


Microvascular surgery is a broad term for surgery that involves the use of an operating microscope. Microvascular surgery (or microsurgery)is performed when a patient suffers from a detached body part such as extremities, limbs, genitalia, ears, and nose. Through the use of microvascular surgery, it is possible to reattach severed body parts such as the hand or other amputated parts of the body. With extensive therapy, it is also possible to regain the functionality of previously amputated parts.


Emergency Replantation Assistance


The Miami Hand Center’s microvascular and reconstructive surgeons can return function to amputated parts, transfer less-injured digits to new locations to maximize function and achieve other positive results even when massive soft tissue injury has occurred. The Replantation Team at The Miami Hand Center is capable of reattaching:


  • Extremities, such as arms, legs, hands, fingers and feet
  • Facial structures, such as ears, nose, lips and scalp
  • External genitalia
  • Skin degloving injuries and massive wound defects



Microsurgery: Before & After


Patients from our facility enjoy the best professional outcome we can offer.



When Amputation Occurs


Proper care at the primary hospital is critical to the success of replantation. In case of a partial or complete amputation or avulsion injury, follow these steps:


  1. Stabilize the patient: 
    Apply steady pressure to the stump and elevate it.
  2. Collect all severed tissue, regardless of its condition:
    Wrap tissue in damp, saline-soaked gauze and place in a plastic bag on top of ice bath in preparation for the surgeons’ arrival. Successful replantation often depends on using as much original tissue as possible.
  3. Call us at 305-642-4263
    You’ll speak to a staff member who will immediately call upon our replantation surgeons to your location and advise you how to proceed until they arrive.