– Mabel Fatima Ramirez


I had a severe wrist injury on Sept 13th. After carefully reviewing Dr credentials in town I started calling for appointments as I needed to see a surgeon urgently. Of all six doctors I called the Hand Institute was the first and only call back. I took a leap of faith given the credentials of Dr. Khouri only to find out he was out of town and Dr. Daniel Calva was the only available Dr. I feel my guardian angel was guiding me through this process. Dr. Calva was amazing! Professional, highly skilled, took my case as priority had surgery the next day thanks to the excellent staff that made the process easy and thorough.


The Key Biscayne Surgical Center is an excellent facility with great staff that support Dr. Calva. Recovering has been tough but I feel confident that Dr. Calva did the best he could to gain full movement of my hand and therapy is key. I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Calva. Thank you Dr.Calva for your beautiful human qualities and giving me full confidence as I entered into this serious and difficult injury. I am entering wk 3 post surgery and the support and encouragement I have received has been instrumental to my recovery. Thank you and Hod bleed the staff of the Hand Institute and the hands of my esteemed Dr. Calva!