Hand Surgeon, Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS

Hand Surgeon Miami Roger Khouri

The Miami Hand Center is an innovative leader in the treatment of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Our state-of-the-art facility has the sophisticated equipment to perform innovative microscopic and arthroscopic procedures that will not only reduce the recovery time but also the cost to the payer. The physicians at Miami Hand Center are committed to providing the highest level of cost-effective care and attention to their patients, with a proven track record of quality outcomes.

First and foremost, Dr. Khouri is the most experienced scholar in hand surgery and has been practicing hand surgery since 1988. Dr. Khouri trained in General Surgery at UNC, in Plastic Surgery at Brown University, in Reconstructive Microsurgery at NYU and in Hand Surgery at Harvard. Prior to moving to Miami and helping establish the Miami Hand Center in 1996, he was professor of Plastic Surgery and in charge of the Hand Surgery Fellowship Training Program at Washington University / Barnes, Jewish Hospital.

In addition to being a most experienced hand surgeon, Dr. Khouri is a true scholar. He has published more than 150 scientific strategies, books on hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery and has served as Associate Editor of the most prestigious Plastic & Hand Surgery Journals. Given more than 500 presentations and instructional courses at the most prestigious national conventions. He is an active member of many distinguished Medical & Surgical Societies and was a founding member of the Society for Peripheral Nerve Surgery and the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery. Dr. Khouri is world renowned and recognized by his peers as a great teacher, innovator, and contributor to advances in hand surgery.

Over the past 31 years as a hand surgeon, Dr. Khouri has performed nearly 50,000 procedures to treat various hand and upper extremity conditions and diseases. This probably makes him the most senior and experienced hand surgeon in South Florida, still active, helping patients everyday with their hand problems and emergencies.

In Hand Surgery, Doctor Khouri is known for his expertise in Microsurgery and the reconstruction of:

  • Pediatric hands and congenital malformations
  • Nerve injuries, paralysis and palsies of the hand
  • Partially or totally amputated digits with toe to hand transfers
  • Burned hands and burn scar deformities
  • Finger joints and finger nails
  • Complex wounds and tissue deficiencies
  • Severe and mutilating hand injuries
  • Vascular diseases

In addition, Doctor Khouri is known as a Reconstructive Microvascular Surgeon with particular expertise in:

  • Medical Doctor, 1980, American University of Beirut
  • Molecular Biology Fellow, 1981, Burroughs-Wellcome Research
  • General Surgery Resident, 1981 – 1985, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
  • Plastic Surgery Resident, 1985 – 1987, Brown University
  • Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellow, 1987 – 1988, New York University & Bellevue Hospitals
  • Hand Surgery Fellow, 1988 – 1989, Beth Israel & Children’s Hospitals, Harvard University
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, 1989 – 1992, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Associate Professor of Surgery, 1992 – 1996, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Director, Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship Program, 1992 – 1996, Washington University School of Medicine
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