Burn Treatment & Care Burn of the Epidermis

The Miami Hand Center has years of experience dealing with burn victims. We have developed special techniques that have helped burn victims in their path to recovery. Some of our specialties include skin flaps, skin grafting, non-healing wounds, and scar tissue release on upper and lower extremities.

Scar Tissue Release Via PALF

Percutaneous Aponeurotomy & Lipo-Filling

palf technique step 1, tight scar tissue

Tight Scar Tissue

palf technique step 2, 3-d mesh

3-D Mesh

palf technique step 3, stretched micro cavities

Stretched Micro Cavities

palf technique step 4, vascularized fat

Vascularized Fat

PALF is revolutionary technique that allows patients to move their torso, limbs and appendages that suffer from scar tissue. PALF short for (Percutaneous Aponeurotomy & Lipo-Filling) involves using thin needles to poke multiple holes through the scar tissue region to allow for more flexibility. The technique allows the surgeon to stretch the skin and cover open areas. This amazing technique was developed by Dr. Roger Khouri – Chief Hand Surgeon.

Case Study: Burn Scar Axillary Contracture

burn victim, burn scar axillary contracture
burn victim, burn scar softened with palf technique

Burn victim had difficulty raising arm above shoulder level. Second photo shows result of PALF Release, burn victim gained 45 degree abduction. First Stage Burn Scar Softened due to procedure.

burn victim scar tissue
burn victim scar tissue improvement

A closer look at burn victim’s scar tissue. First photo marks the general region where scar tissue is problematic and where PALF needs to be performed. Second photo shows the burn victims significant improvement due to the innovative technique. Burn victim is now able to raise arm above shoulder level.

Benefits of the PALF Technique

  • Addresses Burn & Radiation Scars – Congenital Bands
  • Trunk, Breasts, Extremities, Face
  • Minimal Procedure (LA), No Complications
  • Basic Plastic Surgery Principles: Release-Graft-Splint
  • Promising Tissue Regeneration Alternative to Flaps
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